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Smart Control System Optimum Solution Integrator

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Company Profile

A-TECH was founded in 1995, co-established by senior researchers from the industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI). Our experienced staff have taken part in many automated projects over the years regarding machine control, electronic and optical systems, LCD and PCB laser repair, and semiconductor related tasks. With professional experience as strong support, we concentrate on the development of techniques. We have earned trust not only for automated hardware and software or the integrated application of electromechanical controllers, but for long term partnership, with an irreplaceable reputation.
  • 2018

    Took out a patent on Apparatus and method for repairing printed circuit boards.
    Laser & Photonics Taiwan Expo of Laser innovation product got a first prize.
  • 2019

    Developed semiconductor precision workstage.
  • 2020

    Took out a patent on Apparatus and method for repairing printed circuit boards.
    In cooperation with Japan's KURABO to develop IC substrate detecting and sorting device.
  • 2021

    Took out a patent on Detecting and sorting device.
  • 2022

    Took out a patent on Display panel and repairing method therefor.
    Established Biomedical Equipment Development Division (BEDD)
  • 2013

    The first developed Diamond Wire Saw machine in Taiwan.
    Toook out a patent on Methods of cutting TFT-LCD Panel Tempered Glass.
    ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • 2014

    A-Tech and SMC established Sunspring Automation Corporation, to develop intelligence robot in Plumbing industry.
    D&B Top 1000 Elite SME Award.
  • 2015

    Established Doctor Optotech Co., LTD. to provide service of composite material. 
  • 2016

    Assisted SunnyHills imported AOI and CV tracking applied in pineapple production line.
    Took out two patents on Cutting method of reinforced glass & Fluorescent glass application.
  • 2017

    Develped PCB Laser Repair.
  • 2007

    Developed TFT Photomask Laser Repair.
  • 2008

    Coping producing, the Hsinchu factory moved to Taichung Industrial Park.
    Took out a patent on Bottom emission type laser repair apparatus.
    Took out a patent on TFT-LCD Panel lighting inspection apparatus.
    Published a Paper in the Journal - The Technical of Color Filter Photomask Open and Short Circuit Laser Repair. 
  • 2010

    Developed the first MIT TFT G8.5 Array Laser Repair and deliver.
    Took out a patent on Diamond Wire Saw.
  • 2011

    The merger between Hsinchu and Taichung office.
    In cooperate with Japan's ORC to develop LDI Precision Workstage, and produce in Taiwan.
    Took out a patent on Clamping and loading device for multiple-sized substrate.
  • 2012

    Technlogy of Robot and technical team transfer to Delta, and established Delta Industrial Automation.
  • 2001

    Acquired the agency right of JP SHIMADZU Array defect detection machine & implant machine.
  • 2002

    Acquired the technology transfer of Japan's HOYA laser repair.
    Completed JP HOYA TFT Cell Laser Repair System made in Taiwan and  delivered to AUO.
  • 2003

    Developed Miniature drill grinder controller.
  • 2004

    Developed Laser scriber.
  • 2006

    Developed and produced G6 TFT Array Laser Repair and delivered to AUO. 
    Took out a patent on Control device of multispindle spring-making machine and operating method therefor.
  • 1995

    A-Tech System established in Hsinchu City. Acquired the agency right of Yuan Sin DC drives.
    Acquired the agency right of the UK SEM AC servo motor in Taiwan.
  • 1996

    Developed Control device of 6-axis spring-making machine.
  • 1997

    Acquired the agency right of Switzerland IRT AC servo drives in Taiwawn.
    In cooperate with Apex Dynamics, Inc. to develop 3-Axis servo pick place machine. 
  • 1998

    Taichung Branch established.
    Obtained the business of US Centroid CNC Controller installation service and manufacture in Taiwan.  
  • 2000

    Acquired the agency right of US AMC servo drives.
    Acquired the agency right of JP MURATEC AMHS.

# About A-Tech


The Innovation of The Techniques Changing With Each Passing Day Our experienced staffs have taken part in the automated projects for several years regarding the machining operation, the electronic, the semiconductor, and the LCD displays.




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