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Robot Application Manufacturing Automation
Robot Application

Robot Application - Manufacturing Automation

Robots perform tasks to improve customers’ factories to be smarter and flexible in tasks in such as assembly, handling materials, and quality control. A-Tech System is your total solutions integrator, with comprehensive technical expertise in electrical, mechanical, robotics, machine vision and system integration to achieve your robotic automation needs.



  • Auto Laser Marking
  • Auto Pineapple Peeling & Cutting
  • Pineapple Cake Palletizing
  • Pineapple Cake Pack-bag QC
  • Connector Manufacture AOI System
  • Auto Screw Driving & Screw Tightening System
  • Pick and Place Robot
  • Laser Marking Cell
  • Pineapple cake pack-bag QC
  • Connector AOI
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